Even though the device uses just 250W while already on, it jumps to 1,500W when powered on, exceeding the 1,200W surge limit of the Yeti, 3 hrs at max input of 180W (120W via 8mm, 60W via USB-C PD), 100W solar panel: 6-12 hrs, depending on weather condition and panel efficiency, With two 100W panels, charging can be doubled, Solar panel with 12V @ 10A can produce up to 120W, 10-15% of power is lost during power conversion, 45W car fridge needed for 8 hours: Minimum 424Wh power station (45W x 8 / 0.85), 60W laptop with 505Wh battery: Up to 7.2 hours (505Wh x 0.85 / 60W), 60W laptop with 200Wh battery: Up to 3.4 hrs (200 Wh / 60W), Expect to only receive 50-75% on a good, sunny day (ie. That makes the device well suited for use while car camping, attesting festivals, in the backyard, or in a base camp setting. However, when more power is needed for longer periods of time or for use with high-wattage devices, I would grab the previously-reviewed, Jackery Explorer 1000. Their first product: the GoBe battery that now is the Yeti 150. Exactly how long that takes is dependent on a lot of variables, such as how much direct sunlight is available, cloud cover and shade, and so on. Goal Zero. A Boulder 100 (100W solar panel) can charge the Yeti 500X from zero to full in 6 to 12 hours. An integrated handle makes it easy to lug the power station around, while a durable outer shell keeps its electronic components and battery well protected. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station $699.95. Why? Some were for emergency preparation, outdoor recreation, or simple convenience while on the go. He aims to live a life that is good and inspired. It depends. For an industry leader, however, there are some things I do not like, such as the continuous output being set at 300W when competitors in its class are 500W. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station $199.95. During my years of research, I found that use of lower-quality batteries could pose a serious risk to life and property and should become a crucial part in deciding what to buy. Last month, Goal Zero released the Yeti 500X, a mid-size rechargeable generator with a 505 watt-hour lithium-ion battery that replaces the company’s … Overall, I am in love with the way the power station looks and how compact it is. Goal Zero’s products also go for a price premium, yet do not have accessories (like cables) included, reminiscent of Apple’s. Pricing aside, I came to appreciate the design and engineering that went into it. Conclusion. Добро пожаловать и благодарим за посещение! There really is no formula I can give you, but…, Michael, I just purchased this and am confused on the operation. Whether we’re going on a car camping trip or headed to a remote base camp, we typically bring a smartphone and a tablet or laptop along with us. Goal Zero Yeti 500X: Check Price; Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel (50W): Check Price; Dometic CFX3 55: Check Price; In this article, we used the 500X and one Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel (50W) solar panel. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic that caused much panic. But if you absolutely need to keep everything running in a remote location, I’d only trust Goal Zero with my electronic equipment. This means a compact portable device that can be taken anywhere. It is a beautiful, tough (and tough-looking), relatively lightweight power station that dethroned my former 500Wh favorite for its compact size: the Rockpals 500W. Inside the box are the Goal Zero Yeti 500X Power Station and Wall Charger. Although it could do that, going over 300W for long can shorten the battery’s life over time, Display, though quite informative, does not show separate power consumption for DC and AC like the, No QuickCharge 3.0 USB output for rapid charging of compatible devices, 60W AC Adapter does not utilize the 8mm input port’s full capability of 120W, Could be considered heavy by some due to the use of aluminum housing instead of plastic, No built-in light to illuminate your walking path (or area) or blink “S.O.S.”, the international distress signal, Jackery, Rockpals, and some unknown brands have that, Ensures Yeti does not turn off when a low-powered device (like medical CPAP) is used overnight, Could unexpectedly drain battery from 100% to 40% with nothing connected (because AC inverter uses 7W on its own), Power buttons can be accidentally turned on/off with a short press (ie. Sure there are other companies that make decent solar panels and power stations, but Goal Zero has set the standard by which all others are measured. For Goal Zero Yeti 500X to become a solar generator so that you can enjoy the unlimited free power from the sun, Goal Zero recommends the following solar pairings as recommended by Goal Zero depending on whether it is being used for light usage, standard usage or heavy usage. If you are looking for a comparable replacement you can receive sooner, please consider the suggestions from our product experts belowor explore other items in the Battery Chargers. Thank you for choosing a Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station. We did not know much at first, but learned a lot as as we looked at a slew of products, ESPECIALLY during last year’s devastating wild fires across the US and Canadian west coast. But, there was one brand we all had avoided: Goal Zero, the industry leader in the battery station category. It was surprisingly light for a product that is capable of providing so much power. Michael is an outdoor enthusiast and an Information Security Engineer with a 17-year background in Systems Engineering. Venture 30, Flip 36, Goal Zero Yeti 500X. Power Solar Lights Accessories Kits Find a Store. I usually store it on the floor of the car and crack open the windows a tiny bit, Do not USE in the car if temperatures fall below or exceed the battery’s rated, operating temperature (32-104F or 0-40C), Only one will be allowed to receive power, Having both Inputs receive different Voltage levels could have one drive power to — and damage — the other, USB-C PD port can receive power at the same time as the 8mm ports due to being on a separate charge control circuit, There is no overload risk for concurrently using it with the 8mm port, A solar panel is NOT required to use the battery, Smarter, more efficient and expensive than PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). The unit is a bit on the heavy side, however, tipping the scales at 12.9 pounds (5.85 kg). Goal Zero Yeti 200X Portable Power Station $299.95. You might also have a rechargeable headlamp, a camp lighting system, GPS devices, walkie-talkies, camera gear, a drone, and a variety of other devices. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station, 505Wh Portable Lithium Battery Emergency Power Station, Outdoor Solar Generator, 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 12V Car Port, 6mm, USB C PD, USB A Port at Amazon.com. Not waterproof. The Yeti 500x from Goal Zero is a portable power bank that can power almost anything. The Yeti 500X is pricer than most other 500-watt portable power stations that you’ll find on the market. All told, that means you could potentially charge as many 8 items at once, depending on the gadgets you need to plug in. When it comes to portable power for use in the outdoors, there is one brand that sticks out in my mind. Keep it away from water splashes, rain, and pool! Top of Yeti 500x is concave to help keep small items from getting lost. Winter Expeditions Make Steady Progress on K2, 20 Years Ago Two Men Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in Floating Cars. We recently uncovered a functional firmware bug in the Yeti 500X that is currently affecting 5 percent of units over time, potentially causing the Yeti to stop charging … — See, (1) Cigarette socket (12V, max 10A, max 120W), Single, compact 12V port to universally charge electronics with different connectors using a variety of adapters, Allows GZ to create 12V products to use 6mm instead of the bulky cigarette socket, (1) USB-C PD (5-20V, max 3A, max 60W) – Both for input/output, To turn ON or OFF the DC (12V Car/6mm, USB) or AC outputs, press the corresponding button (“12V”, “USB”, “AC”), Note: This single-press (without hold) can lead to, Li-ion batteries have 500 charge cycles before capacity drops to about 80% from when they were new, Product could, in theory, be charged up to 2,000 cycles — about 1/4 of total capacity is lost every 500 cycle, Unlike LiFePO4 batteries, Li-ion can operate only in temperatures between 32-104F (0-40C). Goal Zero combined two of their complementary products to give you a complete off-grid power solution: the Yeti 500X Solar Kit.The Yeti power station has multiple power outputs for all your gear and the included Boulder 50 solar panel connects to the Yeti to charge the battery, so you can keep your energy-hungry electronics charged and running. The newer Yeti 1500x brought with it new capabilities and an expanded ecosystem of available accessories: - Charging input of 600W max from up to 4 solar panels

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